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A nice short screamo song. Enjoy.

"Boyfriend, Girlfriend...Go Fuck Your Stupid Self"

[Verse I]
How could you lead me on like that? / You told your friend you couldn't say
You would have let me chase forever / your obligations were to stay
But I saw through your false endeavor / you held to me against your will
If just to make me feel better / and now you're drowning in your swill

[Verse II]
You would have led me on forever / but I won't see it come to life
But now it's cut off at its brain stem / and I won't stand for all your strife
You should have said in the beginning / you didn't want to be with me
And when I asked you out that evening / why was I blinded but to see

You're full of shit, you always said, that you would stay outside my head
But yet you fucked me in the end
You cut me open, raw and bleeding; now your ego boost is feed
-ing off your falsified 'boyfriend'
But I won't let it pass you by, now you can kiss your ass goodbye
And hang from rafters down in Hell
My nose is bleeding but that ain't compared to what you'll have to date
Now go and fuck your stupid self

[Verse III]
I'll see you die before I'm happy / I'll see you cry before I've passed
I'll see you bruised before I take back / I guess I never should've asked
Who ever thought you'd get inside me / and lie and stab me in the back
But guess who'll be left up and laughing / as you are stretched out by the rack


You lying whore, you never should have let me hold you
Don't ever touch my hand again (again, again, again, again)
I'll see you bleeding, and drowning in your misery
I need a good laugh now and then (and then, and then, and then, and then)

And then...and then...


(c)2005 Michael John Gorney. All rights reserved.
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