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I wrote this one a while back. Hope y'all enjoy, especially you, Em'.


[Verse I]
Fuck you, you fucking lied to me
Took everything you put inside of me
It's true, you ripped it all apart
Took everything you set inside my heart
Just die, because you're useless now
I knew you'd live better than me somehow
Don't cry, I'm gonna end it here
I'll go and stab myself for every single tear

Was it in the syllabus to rip my heart to shreds
Was there a motherfucking thought between your empty heads
So you can both just fucking go to hell for all I care
And now you wanna act like it's all right, but don't you dare

[Verse II]
You slut, you only led me on
Thank God that someday later you'll be dead and gone
To Hell, you never cared for me
It sucks that I was blind and only couldn't see
Engaged, and then you left me fast
Too bad our cherished love was never meant to last
And then, you got engaged to him
I hope you throw your pride up 'til you're nice and thin


[Verse 3]
Yes, you, you stupid piece of shit
You loved him more than you loved me, so just admit
You're wrong, because he'll ruin you
He'll do the things you made me promise not to do
To you, you unattentive whore
Too bad your truest love is loving nevermore
Drop dead, you stupid waste of space
I'd sooner kill myself then look upon your face


I hate your fucking ways, I hope you rot in Hell
The murderous sensation, and burning body smell
So hold on to him tight, and love his cock as yours
'Cause now you're voted in, the Hall of Fame for Whores

FUCK YOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Verse 4]
So now, that all is said and done
I'm really glad that, now it's over, here's some fun
Break down, and have a cigarette
Tonight is gonna be a night you won't forget
Someday, when you look back on this
You'll realize your actions were all so remiss
But now, yes now, and this is it
You had a fucking chance, but now you're all in shit


(c)2005 Michael John Gorney. All rights reserved.
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