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Mortarek: u smell like dead bunnies

I feel very cold and lonely. But Ark (cutmeownthroat) makes my day better. He is the frigging master of cheering people up. Ladies, ladies, this boy.

Hooray for Ark. He rocks m'socks.

I really hate my damn parents. Really, I do. I just feel sick about things everytime I look at my mother. She's a fucking horrible bitch. I swear, if there was ever motivation to do well in college this time around, the prospect of never having to see her again is it. I cannot wait until she's out of my life for good.

And damnit, I left my cell phone at home today. I need to go find Natasha, she's got my damned Green Day CD (1,039/SOSH). She's burning copies of it, supposedly, but damn, Tasha, where are ya gonna be today?

...and yes, I know. Shame on me for listening to emo.
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EMO MUSIC!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!!
::kick, punch, its all in the mind::
ROFL. -Dies.-
umm.. YOU w/ out a CELL PHONE!!! OMG!!! LOL!!! And Ark = hot. lol. Lata!
and yes, ark is the man.
It's okay to listen to emo- I do it all the time!
If I lived in NJ I would date YOU spencer :)

Haha no she wouldn't!

anyway Thats why you havne't been answering my calls..I was starting to get worried :( I thought you were mad at me

I wish you'd get home though so I could talk to you..I didn't talk to you last night and I was sick and yeah....

love you
I cry like a baby when I don't get my way
Do you want me?
I won't apologize when I make a mistake
Do you want me?
I got scars on my heart and they won't go away
Looking for someone to take them from me
Everybody knows I'm a little insane
Do you want me?
Do you want me?
I tell it to you straight so we can't get worse
Do you want me?
I want to show you me but first things first
Do you want me?
Looking for a saviour to save my soul
All the damage I have done has left a big hole
Everybody knows I just want someone to hold
Do you want me?