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This is intended to be a screamo song. Tell me what you think.


[Verse I]
You think you know everything about me / You ain't seen nothin' yet
You try to turn everything upon me / You trap me in your net
But I won't fall for your stupid head games / Your fucked up concept of time
And I won't let you suffocate me / Without a reason or rhyme

[Verse II]
I'm tired of your vicious backhand / And black and blue on my eyes
Your hurtful words, and they have no basis / Except to steal my pride
Don't try to tell me it's a human device / You animals have it, too
It must be pride that motivates your saber / The one with which I'm run through

I can sense your presence, I can sense your mind
I can feel your soulless body pound me free of life
I can't tell you how many times, you've robbed me of my will
Now mother, I'm taking back the blood you've spilled

[Verse III]
When my humanity's breathing / You come and waste it to dead
I feel stabbing in my lungs and stomach / and stabbing in my head
Your logic's rusty and it's full of madness / Your bullshit won't mean a thing
'Cause in the end, when we have long expired / We cannot take worldly things

[Verse IV]
Desensitized to your violence / The times you've stolen my crown
My sense of self, my soul, my utter being / Before you've stricken me down
I can feel the dirt pile on me / The grave continues to fill
And yet I'm drowning, try to struggle relentless / As my lungs speedily fill


I'm not human...not even alive anymore
I can't seem to find the straw to stay alive
You're everything I abhor
You gave me everything...and took it all away
Now I have nothing left, of which to be bereft
A little closer each day
I'm getting closer each day
I'm even closer today
Please, God, just take me away

[Verse V]
I came to school with a swollen eyeball / You lacerated my face
And now a scar that will never heal / Will soon have taken its place
I just can't wait until I'm decomposing / 'Cause that means something for sure
'Cause when I'm underground and decomposing / You won't be there anymore

[Chorus x2]

(c)2005 Michael John Gorney. All rights reserved.
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