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A less pleasant song.


[Verse I]
You're useless to me / you cut me in half
I'm lying there, bleeding / you stand there and laugh
But now it's all over / I'm making you pay
There's nothing to save you / there's nothing to say

[Verse II]
I'll start out by doing / what you did to me
I'll slice at the waistline / and laugh as you bleed
Then I'll sew your mouth shut / and muffle your screams
And grin at you, speechless / or so it may seem

You would never bleed for me / like you know I will
You were never there for me / and you won't be, still
Tired of you laughing at / all of my mistakes
Pinning me onto the mat / until my armor breaks
And you can't hold on forever / like you say you will
But you can stare forever / if only looks could kill

[Verse III]
I'm frozen and painless / my body is numb
I can't move a muscle / and you're playing dumb
But I'll get revenge, yet / I'll put you in place
Vindictive and ruthless / expressionless face


Malevolence is in my game plan / and you've got nowhere to go
Forget your speed, 'cause I'll keep up, yeah / you'll always be a bit slow
There's no escape from the chains I've hammered / and you'll be trapped in my spite
The clock is ticking down to zero / until your final good night
Good night, good night, good night, good night, good night, good night, good night
Good night


(c)2005 Michael John Gorney. All rights reserved.
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