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Well, I'm sitting in computer class right now, and I swear, this is some inane bullshit here. I'm sitting here, learning how to use Microsoft Excel when I already know everything I'll need to know about it to pass this part of the class with flying colors. -.-; Then again, not everybody does, so I suppose it's only fair that this guy start with the basics. He's a fairly cool professor, and has a very nice demeanor, so I can't fault him over it.

In other news, I'm tired. I was awake until 2:00 this morning. Mom bitched about my phone bill and, as usual, is threatening to take my phone away. Psh. Don't worry about it; even if she does, I'll get it back soon enough, and y'all will have ways to contact me otherwise anyways.

Ugh, I guess that's about it. I need sleep. And quitting smoking is NOT easy. But I'm working on it, and I'm doing fairly well with it. I've cut down so much from what I used to smoke, and I don't really use smoking as a cure for boredom anymore. Fuck y'all who have a stronger will than me. ;p

Oh, and by the way, for all you Montclair State Folks, I'll have my guitar with me on Thursday of next week (2/17/05). Swing by and say hello, I'll play you some pretty music. =3 If you've got my cell number, feel free to buzz me. At 11:30am, I'll be in Life Hall, Room 220, in Dr. Gilbert's Freshman Experience class. Drop by and say hi. You know what I look like. ;3 If you don't, you either don't read my journal, or you don't know me at all. Click on any of the seven links at the top of my journal next to the Photo Opportunities title. Much love to you all, I'm off to lose some intelligence by watching this guy act like a schmuck.

...damnit, I wish I had a cigarette. Stupid quitting bullshit... *grumble*
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