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It's time for a little break from insanity...

...with a mindless, stupid quiz.

I am 80% Ska.
Skank -a- Rama
Pick it up, I skank! I am one full-fledged crazy Rudie, I am going to go celebrate my victory with some skankin'!

The wakes will be tomorrow, and the funeral will be on Friday. Not sure where, or what times, but I imagine the funeral will be very early on. given the size of the many factions of my family, I expect there might be close to (if not more than) a good hundred people there. ._.;

This fucking drives me insane. Everything is so chaotic, everyone is down. I'm worried, man. Really, I am. Nothing makes one aware of one's own mortality than the loss of a loved one, especially a loved one as wonderful as my uncle was. Ugh, I feel sick over it. I mean, I can at least look on the good sides of things; he was a great man, and he was incredibly intelligent. He was a driver - that is, of tractor trailers - for a good long time. I can still remember his retirement party. During the middle, my brother, father and I went for a short walk around the area of the venue it took place in, and we stopped into this sports collectables store. No big deal, but something tha really struck me as odd is that on the way home, it was raining on the other side of the highway, but the sun was out, and it was dry on our car's side. You usually don't see that kind of weather in New Jersey; it usually tends to be a Florida thing, from what Iv'e seen and understand. I remember it like it was yesterday, though, the images are so vivid in mny head. I can remember far back to when I was very young, when I was over my cousins' (Jonathan, Matthew, and Scott - his grandchildren) house. It didn't happen often, but when it did, we stayed for the full day, from beginning to end. We played video games of all sorts, went out and did things like run through the yard or play on whatever sort of water-based thing that was outside (a sprinkler or a Slip-n-Slide, if it was warm enough out), we'd all eat dinner in different rooms of the house...all in all, the memories are bittersweet, but I guess, many memories of a lost loved one tend to be.
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